Thursday, June 25, 2009


I graduated from Utah State in May, which was a delight because I was side by side my older brother, Jackson. I didn't even try to line up a job because I'm cutting the summer in half with a research trip to Europe (Oh, I got accepted to finish my masters degree at USU in Human Environments). So I've been packed for Europe since the first week in June (I don't leave until July 1), and all the spare time of summer has had a noticeable affect on me. I've categorized my belongings in my closet by sleeve or pant length, followed by color order within that subset. I've thrown away possibly 1/3 of my overall belongings (Holly and Les would be so proud), and now I'm a little obsessed with de-cluttering. It feels like heaven. No need to snicker- I know I'm pathetic. But had I known all along I would have never accumulated all that stuff!

The month of June, I'm not afraid to admit, has been a heavily drugged month. I turned 21 yesterday, so you may think I would lean towards drinking, but the Lortab kept calling my name with all my dental adventures. Starting with an emergency root canal, an infection, followed by 4 wisdom teeth extractions (2 of which were impacted), and there's no end in sight. While the bruising has ceased, I'm still in pain two weeks later. In this picture I look like Flick from "A Christmas Story", no?

My 21 Birthday was kickin'. (Yup, I used that word Jackson. But I don't feel bad because Holly told me yesterday that you use words in the wrong context ALL the time and she's one of the few who calls you out on it. Kickin' is in the correct context here, I'm sure of it. ) Usually it feels like ALL of my friends are on trips or just plain forgot. It's always a beautiful day, but it's often been a lonely one. However, I gotta say: Facebook has really changed the mood of a birthday. Is it crazy to anyone else?It has made a way for the entire "village that raised me" to send their regards. It's definitely nice... but in a weird sort of way.

The annual family picnic was perfect. Mom made my new favorite meal: Chicken enchiladas (except I quickly learned that they are in no way legitimate enchiladas, as discovered at Mexican Restaurants when I order the same dish.) Home Sweet Home. :) We played volleyball at Adams Park. My team skinned by with the win (The other team claims it was a "gimme" since I'm the birthday girl. Unnacceptable.). Later at my house friends came by for cake and ice cream. I was, yet again, unable to earn my birthday wish. And this year I only had 12 candles! (They reversed the number in hopes I would have a better chance.) THREE blows later I realized I would likely not meet the queen on my adventure in England.

So this summer entry (my first EVER) is dedicated to my family for the following 5 reasons:

5. Kristen and clan came to our graduation (which was brutal even for me) in support. Wow.

4. For Adam riding bikes to Nibley AND BACK with me and waiting for me when I got lost getting to Willow Park (Yup, lost in my own small town that I've lived in for 20 years).

3. For Mom taking care of me while I bawled on the way out of surgery when I found out we "didn't have cottage cheese in the fridge," a true dilemma in my life at the time.

2. For Clay and Jen making me a candy bar poster that took obvious time and wit ;). P.S. I like M&Ms too!

1. To the losing team at volleyball, for feeding my sad volleyball ego. But really for the H.S.H. book that everyone contributed to. I cried both times I've read it, and I haven't even left yet.