Thursday, August 6, 2009

Florence: July 6

July 6
Transfer day to Florence! The train ride was beautiful! We saw fields of sunflowers, rolling green hills, and old stone homes. Hard to sleep when you want to look out the window the entire time! Getting off was a bit of a joke. Luggage is a pain- especially on uneven cobblestone.
I knew next to nothing of it prior to arrival. Our hotel is in the city center and everything is about five minutes away. I did all my laundry in our sink before we hit the town for our tour. The bridges are picturesque and the streets are tall and narrow. Very quaint. Warmer than Rome (and I don't mean temperature). We saw the Duomo, the Baptistry, Grom's Gelato shop (best gelato in Italy! Made with melons the man grows himself for the love of Pete), the Ponte Vechio, the Library, Dante's Museum, and the Medici Spirito Church with the most amazing thing: it was Michelangelo's first sculpture. A naked portrayal of the crucifex, made by looking at a body in the morgue (which was very illegal at the time). Wow.
Ponte Veccio (sp?)


Laundry in my sink

Tuscany (pretty sunflower field)

Happy little mini-truck that could be a character in "Cars"

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