Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rome: July 4

July 4
Today we left Italy and entered the state of Vatican City. I watched "Angels and Demons" like a month ago and got TOTALLY stoked for this day. :) The museums were over a mile long. I learned so much! They were exquisite. I saw frescos, sculptures (all the "offensive bits" had been destroyed or chipped off and hidden somewhere in the Vatican!), marble ancient flooring, tapestries made with real silver and gold thread, and detailed coffered ceilings. I feel so cultured! Ha ha. The Sistine Chapel is one of those sites that actually lives up to its expectations. I learned about the wall of judgement (and the scandal about all the naked bodies in a chapel that Michelangelo had hidden from the pope until it was too late), and the man getting his special bits (our tour guide always called them "bits" which I've now adopted) eaten by a large serpant because Michelangelo didn't care for him (it was a cardinal). My favorite part in the chapel was the creation of woman, which is in the very center.
Next I entered a truly indescribable space: St. Peter's Basilica. Hundreds of several story mosaic murals, 20 foot sculptures, pillars, gold, and an enormous dome. Most of us opted to climb hundreds of stairs to the top level of the dome to see the view of Rome. Darrin says it's #2 of his bucket list, it's THAT beautiful. Later we went to the Pantheon and attended Mass. It was there I met my Italian boyfriend, Mario. Mmmm.
To celebrate the 4th of July I got really hyper back at the hotel with Jeanette, Allie, and Erica. We sang the National Anthem pretty loud in commemoration.

Laura and Josie with St. Peter's Basilica in the background

On top of St. Peter's overlooking Rome (SO BLASTED HOT UP THERE)

Wall of Judgement (so so cool!)

Creation of Man

Tapestry of Jesus who's eyes follow you down the hall


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