Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rome: July 3

July 3
Because of the swift arrival of the hail storm yesterday we were unable to go inside the Colosseum, so we returned confidently with umbrellas and parkas in hand (regardless of the fact we wouldn't need them). The structure is magnificent. Larger even than I had expected. Laura and I had to swallow our normal inclination to feel embarrassed and replace it with pride (or at least a false sense of it anyway, knowing we'd never see these people again), as we attempted to recreate an "America's Next Top Model" photo shoot. As luck would have it, we actually like a handful of the photos and had a good laugh doing it.
We then met a tour guide and walked for about a hundred or so miles... She took us to see the Church of St. Clemente, Church of St. Peter in chains, Church of St. Maria Maggiore, St. Carline, the President of Italy's palace (where they happened to be changing the guards with a full band of handsome men), and finally to the Trevi Fountain. I threw in one coin in hopes that I would one day return to Rome (an old legend).



In front of the fire statue in Angels and Demons!

One of the thousands of adorable doors

Erica and Josie


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