Thursday, August 6, 2009

Florence: July 7

July 7
More touring. This time we got to go in most of the buildings. I was surprised at the Duomo (which is gothic-style with outta-control detailing on the exterior) because of the simplicity of the interior. Not what I expected at all. Almost refreshing, actually. Same with the baptistry. I didn't even see a font! Maybe it was more of a sprinkling ritual. But the mosaics were gorgeous. I found one that looks like a bull. Go Big Blue!
So we saw the DAVID! I sketched him twice. He's magnificent. I'd always sort of wondered what the big deal was, but I don't feel that way anymore. He was chiseled from a 40 ton piece of marble. How they even transported it to come to Michelangelo is dumbfounding. I'm starting to appreciate art more, I think.
We also saw Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" which I LOVED! I learned that the story says roses were created from her birth, she was ashamed of her nudity so the woman to her right is cloaking her, and there is wind, all of which is depicted in the painting.I enjoyed the "Birth of Spring" painting as well. All the women in the painting appear to be pregnant, and it is said to have taken place in March, which is 9 months away from December 25- signifying the birth of Christ.
We also saw da Vinci paintings, Donatello sculptures, and Raphael's works. It made me want to watch the Ninja Turtles.

I learned that Mary is always holding a book even though she couldn't ever read to symbolizes the foretelling of Christ and her submission to the prophesy. If she has a wall with a garden behind her it symbolizes her fertility, which is much too private for us to see.

We ate at Aqua's Ristorante, where we had the sampler for pasta and dessert. We tried 5 pastas and 3 desserts! It was our favorite spot to eat in all of Florence, so if you go I highly recommend the spinach pasta and fruit pizza. Let me know and I'll tell you how to get there. :)

This pic is faded, but it was a purple nun!

Ash, Scott, Megan, Jeanette, Josie, Laura, Erica, and Allie

View of Florence

Creature in the middle sort of looks like Big Blue, no?

David replica outside of museum with the real one in it!

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