Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paris: July 13

July 13 - Paris!

I think I wanted to hate Paris. I think I wanted it to be snobby and gross and totally overrated. Wrong, so wrong. It is like a clean NYC. Lots of white buildings with cute little balconies. The subway is even pretty clean! I like this city the best so far. It has a gorgeous city scape. When we arrived we passed a lot of the great sites and I felt so giddy. We got to the hotel, freshened up, and then went to the Opera House (the one from Phantom of the Opera) before grabbing dinner (Food here is WAY better than Italian Food. In fact, I think American Italian food is better than Italian food!) and heading off to a boat tour at night of Paris. The Eiffel tower is lovely. Especially at night. Tomorrow is Bastille Day so I can't wait to see the fireworks and lights they use on it.

Cool building at a museum

My favorite pic of Darrin (my teacher)

Pretty at night

Susie, Josie, and Laura on boat tour

Eiffel Tower!

Amanda and Josie at the famous sign

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