Thursday, August 6, 2009

Venice: July 10

July 10

Love/hate relationship with Venice today. I had this humiliating fall into the river because I guess sandals and moss create a slippery union... A union which cost me my camera, I'm sorry to tell you. *Poof*- gone in an instant! It had photos from Rubelli's and some architectural details I'm very sad to have lost. I also hurt my ankle, arm, and rump :(. I didn't even notice the blood- I was so focused on my camera sinking to the bottome of the canal and how the fish simply won't appreciate it as much as I did... I also felt pretty bad about getting Jeanette's dress dirty.

Spot that I fell. I know the river looks calm now, but it's a mysterious beast!! Haha. Also I am just very clumsy...

Both Rubelli's and Fortuny's textiles were AMAZING! Wow! They have fabrics for extremely high-end clients. Rubelli's showed us the palace, their five collections, and a small section of their archives. I saw fabric from the 1400's! I also loved their five collections. I am learning that I like traditional stylings more than I ever thought. The colors were so vivid. Pity I didn't have my camera for Fortuny's. They have secret methods for their fabrics. Fancy non-woven patterns on soft, light materials. They were deceiving too! Some totally looked like cut velvet.
Pre-fall at Rubelli's (taken on someone else's camera)

At night I had severe computer problems. When Susie couldn't figure them out either she was kind enough to share hers. I used skype to call 7 different family members. Nobody answered! I was so depressed. And apparently my ipod and voice recorder got soaked earlier in the fall and won't work. Booooo.

Fresh berries

Street of people, not cars

Blueberries at a market (don't know why this was picture worthy... I was desperate to get any pics after losing my camera since 5 are required every day for my grade)

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