Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paris: July 16

July 16

We went to Villa Savoy this morning, a famous house designed by Corbusier. I was impressed by the architecture, but not the interior. And I'm not talking so about decoration, because there was none. I'm talking about the floorplan. It just seems clear it was designed by a man, but I guess you'd have to see it for yourself. Haha. Sketching it was really fun. It's such a famous house and it rests in a perfectly manicured property enclosed with tall trees and shrubs and a large wall.

Villa Savoy
(great on the outside, impractical on the inside)

Afterward we ate at a pricey little restaurant called Kong (a Phillipe Starke creation). There was a ballerina tu-tu light fixture, a giant geisha on the ceiling, and see through chairs (ghost chairs, officially) with pictures of female Asian faces on them. So strange! I got a cheeseburger and fries were 17 Euro (without tip). But it was cool. I found my favorite bathrooms so far (Oh, so on this study abroad I have been checking out bathrooms EVERYWHERE I go for my research. It's been pretty fun because they are all so different and quirky). These bathrooms were rad though- a blown up child sumo wrestler on the wall, naturally. The floors were made of rocks with a clear goop around them. Hard to explain...

We then headed off to the Museum de Orsay, which had impressionist paintings and such. I loved seeing all the paintings I'd seen in textbooks my entire life. I saw work by Renoir, Monet, Manet, Degas, etc. Very nice.

Finally Laura, Scott, and I ended our day by going to the Arch de Triumph. It was one ginormous arch, that's undisputed. We climbed roughly 6 thousand stairs to get to the top, which was beautiful. The city splits out like a sun from the Arch de Triumph, so everywhere you turn is full cityscape. It was sunset, so even more gorgeous. I love love love Paris. :)

Arch de Triumph

Nancy performing surgery on my pink chaco

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