Thursday, August 6, 2009

Venice: July 12

July 12
Cockadoodle doo! 6:00 am shower and pack so I could check out and get to church. I am sorry to say I had to leave a handful of clothes and food because my suitcase wouldn't shut. After a swift hotel breakfast, Megan, Malory, Whitney, Laura, Beccah, Kylie, and I made our way with one water-taxi, two bus transfers, and about a mile of walking to the branch in Venice. We attended S.S. and Sacrament mtg. and I LOVED it (not like I'm really surprised or anything). The people were so nice! We met the missionaries and I thought of all my friends. I donated some of my American Ramen to0 them- haha.

Making it to the church!

The group that made it to church (plus we found missionaries!)

Megan brought stuff to her brother who is finishing his last month of his mission. I contributed some Cup O' Noodles to the package. What every missionary wants, right?

Laura and I spent the rest of our day wandering about near the train station. We ate pizza, gelato, we sketched a bridge, and relaxed inside a few beautiful catholic churches. The we wated around for a few more hours until the group got onto the train. Wht a joke. Tensions were high because it is a stressful process. I felt like I was in Harry Potter. Im rooming with Allie, Erica, Laura, Jeanette, and Becky.

A real confessional box. We saw several people go in and come out. I don't know what the draw is, really- but it seemed pretty exciting at the time.

A big group of Thai people I met at the train station!

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