Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paris: July 17

July 17- Versailles

Happy Birthday Jen! Miss you. :)

Okay, we went to Versailles today and it was everything and more than I had imagined. I took AP European History from Mr. Markworth when I was in 10th grade and have ever since longed for the chance to see it in the flesh. (Cup of chocolate? Inside joke that nobody will understand...)

Our tourguide, I kid you not, had a rattail. It was the best thing ever. We were all less than subtle with our attempts at capturing it with our cameras. He took us through the palace where I learned about the 7 salons/apartment for the royal family, which is meant to represent the 7 known planets at the time. I walked down the beautiful hall of mirrors, I meandered through the gardens, I ate a picnic in front of the grand canal, and literally melted when I saw Marie Antoinette's Hamlet! I WANT TO LIVE THERE. I have always dreamed to live in a European cottage over a mansion, so why not dream about the queen's cottages? :)

Rat tailing tourguide!

Perfect little cottage

FREEZING OUR TAILS OFF with the wind/light rain

Pretty flower in gardens

Hall of Mirrors with Laura (roomie)

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