Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paris: July 15

July 15
How fun fun fun! We started at St. Chapelle's Cathedral, where they have the coolest stain glass. Then we went to the Pompidou (sp?) which is a modern art museum. We saw a dress made of meat, a naked woman hula hooping with barbed wire, and a big pile of garbage. UH? It was strange. But the building was SO cool! Sparkly signage, bright colored walls and lettering, and all these exterior escalators that have the most incredible view of Paris- equivolent to the Sacred Heart (which sucks because we put so much effort into all those stairs!). And some of the art was really cool. I liked the furniture and this one totally feminist exhibit by the Guerilla Girls. :)
The Louvre was not at all how I expected. After wading through the fountains (probably not allowed, but lots of people were doing in this hot summer day and nobody stopped them) we headed inside. It was TOO BIG! Like, not cool how big it was. Just thinking about how the royalty kept adding on to this enormous structure is baffling to me. Why? One of them even brought in livestock and filled a wing with water so he could HUNT INDOORS. What a dissillusioned joke. Anyway, the Mona Lisa was practically the size of a post card (honestly, the copies with arrows beneath which were signs leading you TO the Mona Lisa were larger than the actual Mona Lisa). I also saw the Venus, the Winged Victory, and many more famous pieces. I enjoyed them all, but the Louvre itself was a bit overwhelming. Too big with too many people.
Then Julia, Amanda, and I headed off on a ridiculous adventure to see the French National Library, a modern structure. It was huge, but not as great as we'd hoped considering the effort exherted. Effort which even cost me my shoe! My cute pink chacos died in a revolving door! I was so so so sad. I think Europe is out to get me. I have the worst luck. Could be worse though- so I'm enjoying the journey. :)

The Palace Marie Antoinette spent her last days in.

Random little toilettes

St. Chapelle's

The Pompidou

No Holding Hands, I'm afraid.

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