Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paris: July 14

July 14
BASTILLE DAY (and free day)
Today was full of sites. It was our free day and Laura, Jeanette and I got started (after stealing some extra cheese and bread from our continental breakfast, naturally) by trying to see the parade. All we saw was a bunch of middle age Johnny Hannyville fans camping out for the concert tonight. We decided to make our way to Notre Dame instead. We rode on a funny two-story metro, which I had never seen before. Notre Dame is very detailed on the exterior. Much like how I would have pictured it to be. Inside had beautiful stained glass windows. I really liked a chandelier they had on display which was symbolic of the crown they put on Christ.
Basilique Du Sacre Ceur was next. I had never heard of it. It is a church on a hill that overlooks all of Paris. It's not just any church either- it's white and reminds me of Gondor in LOR. GORGEOUS! It was a highlight. And looking out on Paris is just so surreal, because it's such a light-pallette of a city. I've never seen anything like it.
We lost part of our group while trying to find the Moulin Rouge. It was fun to see- although it looked a little more plastic-y than authentic. Does that make sense? It looks like it's still used though, so that was cool. We were creeped out by an older man staring at all the photos of can-can dancers. Oh well.
I was hesitant to go back to the Opera House since there is just so much to see in Paris and such little time. Since we had already seen the outside I didn't see a need to go back-- but I was WRONG (That's right Mom, I can admit it)! Inside was incredible! So fancy. I would love to see a show there. I'm happy to report that although it won't hold a charge and has a monochromatic screen now, my ipod works enough to salvage material on it. In fact, it allowed me to play one song (Masquerade) while I was inside to help me connect to the Phantom of the Opera motif! :)
The chandelier hall was unexpected and words just don't describe the feeling I got as I turned the corner into it.
Somebody had the bright idea of walking home (about 4 miles) which after walking all day just about killed me. I didn't leave the hotel again until 11:00 pm to watch the most amazing firework display off the Eiffel Tower I could have ever imagined! I think today was my favorite day of the trip. :)

On the stairs in the Opera House where Phantom was filmed

Most amazing chandelier room ever!! (In opera house)

Sacred Heart (my favorite "site)

Laura snapped this shot of me doing an interview for my research

Notre Dame

Moulin Rouge!

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