Thursday, August 6, 2009

Florence: July 8

July 8
Free day: Erica and Allie tackled the train again to hike on some islands. Laura kand I simply lacked the energy and will to leave. The only think that would have pulled us away was to go see Tuscany. Well, that was the case until Ermand informed us that we already are in Tuscany. Score! That sealed the deal that we would spend our free day resting in Florence.
Scott and Jeanette joined us. I spent the day sketching, shopping, and packing. So far I've tried lemon, raspberry, strawberry, crema de grom, milk and mint, chocolatte extrordinare, nutella, pistachio, hazelnut, and melon flavors of gelato. Yummmm.
Buying all my souvenirs made it difficult to re-pack. Laura gets a kick out of it every knight. Totally sucks for me. I should have packed the bigger piece of luggage! I chose the smallest size: a regrettable decision...
my sketch

Beautiful bridges were all over

Never seen so many statues in my entire life. I just thought this was a beautiful view.

Cool street players at the Republica Square

Medici Chapel (right by our hotel)

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