Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rome: July 1-2

On July 1, 2009 a group of USU Interior Design students left bright and early for a study abroad to Europe. Laura Andersen picked me up at 3 am for the airport. Somebody, for financial purposes no doubt, had the bright idea of giving us 3 flights wich came hand in hand with 2 long layovers. We lost a full day and arrived in Rome, Italy on July 2 at 10:45 am.

View from the plane

Tired, perhaps? Nonsense. Jetlag? Never heard of it... That's right, we began touring the city immediately. I felt like I was on drugs or something because I was so disoriented, but no time to complain: I'm in Rome!
We started by walking through some of the city, seeing the exterior of the Colosseum, ancient stonework, and bridges along the roads (so great in numbers were they, it was as if they were nothing special), and the Capitolini Museum.

Ruins we saw on the walk in the Rain

Building erected for Italian Independence

Pretty view from museum

Just keeping it G-rated :)

The part of the day most worth noting was the near flash flood we experienced right outside the Colosseum. It's like we, the teachers included, jjust thought it would stop as quickly as it had started, but we poorly misjuged mother nature. An hour later, after never seeking shelter, we were all drenched from head to toe... and so was our stuff. Many lost Metro passes, sketchbooks, and more. But I don't think a single student would tell you it wasn't outrageously fun. :)
At the Borghese Museum we saw gardens and sculptures. My favorite was the Apollo and Daphne sculpture. The story goes that Apollo was in love with Daphne and was chasing her to show her his love. In doing so Daphne prays to her father, a god, fork a solution. As a result she becomes a Laurel tree. The sculpture captures the moment of transformation as Apollo reaches for her.
Italy is charming. The buildings with their flower boxes, their shudders, and their rod-iron balconies. Most of all I am loving the doors. Such a variety I've never known! I've made a personal note-to-self that I would like to instal round topped blue Italian doors in my dream house.

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