Thursday, August 6, 2009

Venice: July 9

July 9
This morning we ate (L and I), napped, and walked around our little neighborhood one last time in Florence before taking the train (3 hours) to Venice. Venice = Paradise! Prettiest City I have EVER been to in my entire life. I feel like I say that or at least think it about every site on this trip, but in all honesty this takes the cake. Out of the train station we hopped onto a river taxi, dropping us off near our hotel.
The hotel doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside is a little slice of heaven! Upholstered 2-tone cream damask walls, 30 inch plasma flat screen tv, brown embellished carpet, Venician glass light fixtures, large gold framed mirror, round nightstand covered in 2-tone striped fabric overlain with a brown velvet square, which coincide w2ith the window treatments-- WHICH by the way house windows that overlook our own little moat-like canal!! How adorable! I love it. :)
This isn't my room, but it someone else's that I took a pic of. Mine was brown and cream. So fancy!

We took a walk and saw the Rialto Bridge, ate some disappointing wraps, and then looked for a dress for me to wear tomorrow in all the little shops. With my luck we fo8und a dress (that I had originally pointed out, mind you) for Laura almost instantly. For me? Not so much. I have one extra foot of leg coincidentally. Oh well. Jeanette is letting me borrow one of hers.

Cute multi-colored homes and buildings

Bread Faces

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